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The New York City Criminal Justice Agency (CJA) implemented the city’s first supervised release program in Queens in 2009. The program was expanded city-wide in 2016, and CJA continues to operate the program in Queens. Supervised release offers judges the option to release defendants who might otherwise have been detained pre-trial due to their inability to make bail.  The program provides these individuals with the opportunity to remain at home with their families, remain at work or in school, and receive voluntary referrals for a wide variety of social services while their cases are ongoing.

Clients in the program undergo a thorough assessment and are assigned a social worker or counselor who works closely with them to ensure they attend all their court dates and abide by court-ordered conditions. Voluntary referrals are made for services ranging from housing and vocational training to community-based mental health or substance abuse treatment. Supervision frequency is tailored to the risks and needs of each client. Successful participation in the program demonstrates a client’s determination to make positive changes and may result in a better legal outcome.

We offer our clients a chance to remain in the community with their loved ones, get help if they need it, and fight their cases from the outside. We offer them a chance to be seen by the court as someone who is worth another chance.

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