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New York Association of Pretrial Service Agencies Conference

Posted on Nov 3, 2017

New York Association of Pretrial Service Agencies Conference

The New York Association of Pretrial Service Agencies held a successful conference this year on October 29-30th at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Troy, New York.  The title of this year’s conference was “The Pretrial Playbook:  How the game is changing.”  Attendees were treated to a variety of interesting presentations given by leaders in the pretrial field.  Some of the topics covered included “Continuity of Care from Jail to Community,”  “State Bail Reform:  The Defense Perspective,” and “DCJS Technical Assistance Action Planning on Evidence-Based Practices.”  One of the presentations, entitled “Procedural Justice” discussed research showing that when defendants and other court users perceive the court process to be fair, they are more likely to comply with court orders and follow the law in the future.  This presentation included a preview of the results from a study being done at Yale Law School using interviews conducted with CJA’s Pretrial Associates.   In those interviews, the Associates spoke about the pride they take in their work, the value they place on being able to help defendants, and their experiences working in Central Booking.

Notably, our retired Director of Operations, Peter Kiers was presented with the Sarah Tullar Fasoldt Award honoring his career and lifelong commitment to pretrial services and the betterment of the criminal justice system.  After serving CJA for 28 years and as President of NAPSA for two terms, and furthering pretrial services internationally by travelling to China with the Asia Law Institute at NYU Law School, this award was well deserved.  Mr. Kiers expressed his gratitude and his strong desire to continue doing what he loves by continuing to promote the ideals and the importance of pretrial services.

This year’s NYAPSA Conference was attended by the following CJA staff members: 

Catherine Alexander- Regional Director

Richard Azzolino- Management Analyst

Philane Batista- Pretrial Associate

Yomary Carrasquillo- Pretrial Associate

Jefferson Carrera- Pretrial Associate

Maria Concepcion- Pretrial Associate

Steve Corrente- Court Representative

Russell Ferri- Sr. Research Analyst

Mason Figueroa- Pretrial Associate

Lynette Gentle- FTA Supervisor

Ruth Gerena- Shift Supervisor

Amanda Kaim- Case Manager

Aneta Lelo- Pretrial Associate

David Lowry- Program Manager

Americo Madera- Shift Supervisor

Joseline Mejias- Shift Supervisor

Siomara Ortega- Shift Supervisor

Tajarrah Reid- Shift Supervisor

Daniel Rodriguez- Operations Analyst

Aida Tejaratchi- Treasurer

Jose Verdugo- Shift Supervisor

Richard Ware- IT Director

Courtney Williams- Jr. Program Assistant

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