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Aubrey Fox Quoted in the New York Times on Problems Caused by Cellphone Confiscation During Arrest

Posted on Jul 26, 2017

Aubrey Fox, Executive Director of the New York City Criminal Justice Agency, was quoted in the New York Times July 23, 2017 (the print version appeared in the July 24 edition), discussing a problem faced by many people arrested in NYC when police routinely confiscate their cellphones.   Telephone numbers are rarely memorized, so without access to stored numbers on their cellphones, defendants are left without a way to reach family or friends who could help.  Fox explained that "people who cannot provide an emergency contact, which helps prove ties to the community, are less likely to be recommended for release without bail, and they are ineligible for alternatives such as supervised release."  The article reported on one solution that was inaugurated last fall in the Bronx with the establishment of a free 24-hour hotline with one easy number to remember for people who are arrested.  The number (1-833-3GOODCALL, or 1-833-346-6322) connects callers with lawyers and allows them to store contact information.

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