Jerry McElroy to Speak at Congressional Briefing

Posted Mar 6, 2014

CJA Executive Director Jerry McElroy has been invited to speak April 1 at a Congressional Briefing on the theme of “Pretrial Justice:  Research Evidence and Future Prospects.”  The briefing, sponsored by the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy in collaboration with the...  read more

CJA Releases New Report on Desk Appearance Tickets

Posted Mar 5, 2014

Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) are used by the New York City Police Department to reduce unnecessary incarceration at arrest in misdemeanor cases.  In a DAT arrest, the suspect is released with a ticket instructing him or her to appear in court on a specified date for arraignment.  This...  read more

CJA Welcomes New Class of ROR Interviewers

Posted Feb 7, 2014

Seven new trainees graduated today to join the ROR Interviewer ranks in the City.  For two weeks they have undergone intensive training, which included instruction on the Agency’s mission of reducing unnecessary pretrial detention, the history of pretrial services in this country, and...  read more

Our Latest Annual Report

Posted Jan 28, 2014

Data are provided on CJA activities and New York City arrests during 2012, including interview volume, recommendation, demographics, charges, arraignment outcomes, bail amounts, pretrial release, failure to appear (FTA), and CJA special programs.   This report includes expanded data on...  read more

CJA Bail Research Cited in NY Times Article

Posted Jan 23, 2014

An article in the New York Times on 1/23/2014 cited CJA research on release and bail in a report about the Freedom Fund, a nonprofit organization that posts bail for poor defendants in the Bronx who are accused of misdemeanors. The article, “Helping Poor Defendants Post Bail in Backlogged Bronx,” tells the story of a...  read more

Alfred Siegel, In Memoriam

Posted Jan 21, 2014

In the person of Alfred Siegel, the Criminal Justice Agency has lost a member of our Board, a dedicated and innovative contributor to the City's criminal justice system, a good personal friend, and an absolutely wonderful human being....  read more

Our latest study about Brooklyn’s IDV Court

Posted Jan 13, 2014

Please read our new study of Brooklyn’s Integrated Domestic Violence Court...  read more

Research Director Richard Peterson's article in Criminology & Public Policy

Posted Jan 13, 2014

How much influence should victims have over decisions to file and prosecute DV cases?  A recently published study compared a jurisdiction that gave victims considerable influence over these decisions to a jurisdiction that minimized victim influence. In a policy essay responding to the study,...  read more