CJA’s Operations Department maintains offices in all five boroughs and provides the following pretrial services and programs:

  • CJA interviews virtually all defendants in NYC that are held for arraignment in police detention, to determine their ties to the community. CJA attempts to verify the information provided during the interview then makes a release recommendation to the Court assessing the likelihood of continued appearance in court if the defendant is released in lieu of money bail.
    (View the citywide interview volume from CJA's current annual report here.)
  • In addition to the standard interview, CJA conducts an extended interview at the Midtown Community Court, a separate Manhattan arraignment court for defendants charged with misdemeanors, and the Red Hook Community Justice Center in Brooklyn for defendants charged with misdemeanors and some lower-level felonies. The information from this extended interview is used by the Court to determine suitable community service programs for defendants, and to determine certain social service needs such as drug treatment, health care, and education, which, if addressed by the court, may help to reduce recidivism.
    (View the Midtown Court and Red Hook interview volume from CJA's current annual report here.)
  • CJA attempts to contact all released defendants by telephone and/or letter to remind them of their future court appearance dates. CJA also notifies defendants who were issued a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) of their scheduled arraignment date in Criminal Court.
    (View the telephone and letter notification volume & outcomes from CJA's current annual report here.)
  • CJA operates a Bail-Expediting unit in all boroughs except Staten Island. CJA assists defendants who have bail set at $5,000 or less in contacting potential bail sureties and expediting the posting of their bail, in order to reduce unnecessary pretrial detention.
    (View the Bail-Expediting Program's volume & outcomes from CJA's current annual report

  • CJA operates a Failure-To-Appear (FTA) unit in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx to contact defendants who fail to appear for their scheduled court date and (in Brooklyn) to contact defendants who were issued a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) but failed to appear for their arraignment in Criminal Court. Furthermore, court calendars are reviewed daily to identify defendants with an outstanding bench warrant in Criminal Court. Telephone calls are made, followed by letters, in an attempt to encourage these defendants to return voluntarily to court. If a defendant is reached, staff will attempt to contact the defendant's attorney to arrange a time for the defendant to return to court with his/her respective attorney.
    (View the Failure-to-Appear Program's volume & outcomes from CJA's current annual report here.)


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