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The New York City Criminal Justice Agency, Inc. (CJA) is a not-for-profit corporation serving the City's criminal-justice system under contract with the Office of the Coordinator for Criminal Justice. CJA has offices in each of the City's five boroughs. These offices oversee the day-to-day operations of the Agency's pretrial-services work. CJA's Central Office is located in Manhattan, and is comprised of the Operations, Planning, Research, Supervised Release, Information Technology, and Administration Departments.


The mission of the New York City Criminal Justice Agency is to assist the courts and the City in reducing unnecessary pretrial detention. The Operations Department seeks to fulfill this mission by providing the court with pertinent defendant information and objective pretrial release recommendations. The CJA recommendation assists judges in making informed release decisions, thereby reducing unnecessary detention and better assuring appearance in court.

The Operations Department assists in:

  • decreasing detention for defendants who are likely to return to court without bail
  • providing information for possible non-custodial sentencing sanctions
  • providing information to the Research Department for services to criminal-justice policy makers, City officials, and the public
  • reducing the rate of non-appearance in court among defendants released from detention and awaiting trial

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Under the Associate Director for Planning, the New York City Criminal Justice Agency's (CJA) Planning Department monitors the quality of the information transmitted electronically by the Office of Court Administration. Using a series of data-cleaning reports unique to CJA, the Data Quality Manager assures that the data are thorough and consistent. The data for docket and indictment records captured by these reports are checked against the court's information system and calendars; if necessary, the court is notified of the corrections CJA is making to the CJA database.

Aside from maintaining an accurate and comprehensive database for CJA's own purposes, the Agency also answers inquiries from outside agencies with which it maintains relationships, such as the New York Police Department and city and state government. Thus, the data must be cleaned, audited, and checked for accuracy.

Finally, the Data Quality Manager oversees the processing and storage of scanned copies of court calendars on CJA's wide-area network for use by all authorized staff in other CJA departments.


The Research Department's mission is to disseminate information about the Agency's activities and about arrests and criminal court outcomes in New York City. To accomplish this, the Department issues reports about CJA operations, conducts studies on criminal justice policies and practices, develops risk assessment instruments to make release recommendations to the court, and evaluates CJA programs.

The Research Department produces CJA's Annual Report, which provides information about the Agency and its activities, defendant demographics, case processing outcomes, bail setting and bail making, and failure-to-appear rates. Other Research Department publications evaluate and inform criminal justice policies and practices regarding arraignment release decisions, juvenile offenders in the adult court system, domestic violence offenders, case processing, specialized courts, and other topics.

The Department has an ongoing research program to assess and refine the risk assessment instrument CJA uses for making release recommendations for adult defendants. The Department also evaluates CJA programs, such as the Queens and Manhattan Supervised Release Programs.

The Research Department shares responsibility with the Planning Department for responding to requests for information from criminal justice policy makers in New York City.


Supervised Release

The New York City Criminal Justice Agency's Supervised Release program offers the Court the option to release under supervision persons charged with nonviolent felony cases in lieu of detention on bail. Supervised Release provides these persons with the opportunity to remain with their families, maintain their employment and educational endeavors, and seek and obtain needed mental health or substance abuse treatment services during the pendency of the case.

Case managers work closely with clients through the duration of their cases to ensure they are in contact with their attorneys, that they make all of their scheduled court dates and abide by court ordered requirements. Case managers' efforts extend to improving the quality of the lives of clients in ways ranging from identifying how to get and use the public library for job searching, coordinating continuity of obligations to other agencies like Treatment Courts and Probation, to identifying neighborhood treatment and community services. Often, a client's successful participation demonstrates determination and commitment to fulfilling obligations and may result in a better legal outcome.

We offer our clients a chance to get help if they need it, get a job if they are able, and fight their case from the outside. We offer them a chance to be seen by the Court as someone who is worth another chance.

Information Technology Division

The IT Division’s team of experienced technology professionals maintains a sophisticated, automated database containing detailed information on all New York City arrests, court appearances, and case dispositions. With this resource, CJA provides the City with a rich, comprehensive source of both historical and current data about the characteristics of the defendant population, as well as case-processing trends in the courts. By maintaining this database, the IT Department enables the other business units at CJA to carry out their work in an efficient manner.

The Information Technology Division aims to provide a computing infrastructure as well as other technology tools and services to support the continually evolving operational requirements of CJA and staff. Its goal is to provide a state-of-the-art environment that will support the highest level of technical services and support to CJA's overall mission.


The Administration Department of CJA consists of the General Counsel's Office, Human Resources and Facilities Management. The mission of Administration is to support those carrying out the daily functions and operations of the Agency. The General Counsel's Office provides legal guidance, counsel and representation for the Agency. The Human Resources department's goal is to support the staff and management of CJA in understanding and navigating the various internal and external policies, procedures and benefits affecting employment from recruitment to separation. Facilities Management is focused on procurement, renovation and environmental maintenance of CJA's work sites.

Crystal Cotton, Director of Human Resources and Administration
Sam Sambasivan, Administrative Associate
Sheila Blanc, HR Manager
Mabel Diaz, HR Assistant
Charles McNeil, Facilities Manager

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