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Please note: CJA does not provide information regarding court cases. For information regarding your court case, please contact your attorney.

CJA data are not available to the public. Please address requests for data to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, the official repository of data on arrests and court outcomes.

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Recent Reports

Release and Bail

Understanding the Past, Imagining the Future: 13 Highlights from 30 Years of New York City Criminal Justice Data

Aubrey Fox, Stephen Koppel, Ph.D., Freda F. Solomon, Ph.D. (2018)
CJA Annual Report

CJA Annual Report 2016


Annual Report on the Adult Court Case Processing of Juvenile Offenders in New York City, January Through December 2016

Marian J. Gewirtz (2018)
ATI/ATD Programs

Research Brief No. 42: Reducing Unnecessary Pretrial Detention: CJA's Manhattan Supervised Release Program

Freda F. Solomon, Ph.D., Russell F. Ferri, Ph.D. (2017)