Welcome to the CJA Case Analysis Tool

Our interactive tool provides data on prosecuted arrests in New York City. With this tool, you can analyze the data by selecting up to three variables organized by five categories to generate tables.

To learn more about CJA and the data, we recommend reviewing the CAT Tutorial, the CAT Glossary, visiting the "Who We Are" page of the website, and reviewing CJA's most recent Annual Report, which is available for download in the Publications section of the website.

When referencing data generated from this tool, please use the following citation:

New York City Criminal Justice Agency. Case Analysis Tool.
Available at http://www.nycja.org/cat/. Accessed [date tool was used].

Data Year

Please select a year to gather data from.

Output Variables

Please select at least one output variable. For example, if you wanted to see the breakdown of all cases in our database by age and sex, you would choose “Age” as your first variable and “Sex” as your second.

Sort Variable

Select a third variable to sort your results by another measure. For example, if you wish to view the results above by borough, you would select “Borough” and your search would yield six tables; one for each of the five boroughs and one table representing data from all boroughs. If you do not wish to sort your results, simply click the Generate Results button below.