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The New York City Criminal Justice Agency, Inc. (CJA) is a not-for-profit corporation serving the City's criminal justice system under contract with the Office of the Coordinator for Criminal Justice. CJA was established in 1973 (as the Pretrial Services Agency) to provide pretrial services as pioneered and tested by the Vera Institute of Justice's Manhattan Bail Project in the early 1960s. That experimental project demonstrated that defendants with strong ties to the community who are released on their own recognizance return to court as frequently as those who post bail.

CJA serves the City of New York by pursuing the following goals:

  • decreasing detention for defendants who are likely to return to court without bail
  • increasing court attendance among defendants who are released pending the disposition of their court case
  • furthering the use of non-custodial sentencing sanctions in the community courts
  • providing information and research services to criminal justice policy makers, City officials, and the public

The Agency has offices in each of the City's five boroughs. These offices oversee the Agency's pretrial services operations.

CJA's Central Office is located in Manhattan, and is comprised of the Operations, Planning, Research, Supervised Release, Information Technology, and Administration Departments.

The New York City Criminal Justice Agency
299 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, New York 10007
Tel.: (646) 213-2500
Fax: (646) 219-5011

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